Front Mirror Full

PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam 12 with Detached Front Camera, Anti Glare Full Touch Spl

PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam 12 with Detached Front Camera, Anti Glare Full Touch Spl

PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam 12 with Detached Front Camera, Anti Glare Full Touch Spl   PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam 12 with Detached Front Camera, Anti Glare Full Touch Spl
PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam 12 with Detached Front Camera, Anti Glare Full Touch Split Screen HD 1296P, Car Backup Rear View Mirror Camera Dual Lens, Super Night Vision, Parking Assistance. Industry FIRST 12 inch Split Screen Mirror with DETACHED Front Cam? PORMIDO front lens is separated from the rearview mirror screen, comes with one-meter extension cable, so you can extend it to different areas of the windshield for flexible view. The front lens will NOT be blocked by visor or other devices, then eliminates more blind points of your front vision. Adjustable Reverse Lines & Longer Rear Cam Cable?

You can adjust the parking lines to fit your vehicle for easy reversing. The included back cam cable is 33ft long enough for most models. Switchable Straight/Reversed Image & Multi Functions?

Parking Monitoring with Protection of Battery? WHAT we have Upgraded with PORMIDO PR998 - We aim to Bring You MORE Conveniences. Lens provides more flexibilities without any obstacle for front view. Rear View Image - Industry FIRST Newest Function (If you don't have this function, please reach us to get newest Firmware). Full Laminated Mirror Screen can display Front and Rear view simultaneously as Split Screen. Night Vision with Dual IMX335 under WDR/HDR Technology.

33ft for Backup Camera (also have 49ft cable in store). Switchable Mirroring/Straight Images in Rearview. Supports Maximum Storage 128GB (32GB SD card included). High Temperature Resistant up to 190°F.

If you want to install the rear camera upside down, please reach us to get newest firmware, then the rearview image can be flipped upside down. IMPORTANT - Please DO NOT POWER ON the Mirror Screen until BOTH cameras are well plugged, then front and rear camera can start with stable power/voltage perfectly, this is a MUST process for this Detached System. Please have the camera wire plug from LEFT side of the mirror - DO NOT flip over, then the rear camera can be well recognized by the mirror screen. 32GB SD card is included, please format it before using, and format it every one or two months to refresh the storage. Class 10 or above, 3264GB SanDisk SD Card is most recommended.

With Hardwire kit connected, the camera can switch to Parking Monitoring automatically when engine is off, then lock an emergency video once it detects any collision/vibration during parking, set up G-sensor as'HIGH' if you want the camera to be most sensitive in detection. Please turn ON'Time Lapse' in the menu setting if you'd like to record all the time during parking. It's a plus to add driving speed, routines, compass directions to your recorded file for later proof, please reach us to get it if you need. If your computer cannot display full recorded information, please reach us to get more compatible player to playback the recorded files. Both Front and Rear camera are equipped with lens sensor IMX335 F/2.0 aperture, captures HD footage even under low light. And the 6-glass lens in HDR technology can filter away the overexposure from other vehicle's headlights, so you can see plate number clearly in night vision for safe driving. With latest firmware updated(reach us to get if you don't have), you can zoom out the rear view, then adjust the rear image based on actual distance behind, driving safer. The waterproof rear camera can be installed inside or outside, it can stand well outside even under extreme temperature during 4 °F to 190°F under various climates. This dash camera overwrites the oldest footage with newest clips to release out the storage, so the SD card will not be fullfilled. G-sensor can auto detects a collision and lock the video for evidence - Locked emergency file will not be overwritten.

With Hardwire kit connected during parking, the camera turns on automatically whenever it detects any collision, then lock a 30-second video and turn off. The hardwire kit can cut off power when it is low, so the car battery will never be drained out even parking for long time. The GPS Antenna(not included) is used to record more information, such as the driving speed, Directions, Routines... Etc to the recorded file as proof, you can just reach our service to get it. 1296P(F)+1080P(I)+1080P(R).

2.5K(F)+1080P(R). 11.5×2.75×0.6 in.

10.2×2.75×0.6 in. International Buyers - Please Note. Our electric products are manufactured according to the specifications of the USA/Canada Electrical Standards and Codes. Trust is important to us so we will work with you to guarantee your satisfaction! Thank you for shopping with us! This item is in the category "Consumer Electronics\Vehicle Electronics & GPS\Car Video\Other Car Video".

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  1. Style: 33ft REAR CABLE
  2. Brand: PMD
  3. Item model number: PR998S
  4. Are Batteries Included: No
  5. Video Capture Resolution: 1296p
  6. Color: Red, Black
  7. Country of Origin: China
  8. Colour: Red, Black
  9. Battery Cell Composition: Lithium Polymer
  10. Control Method: Touch
  11. Item Weight: 0.8 Kilograms
  12. Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required.
  13. Auto Part Position: Front
  14. Display technology: LCD
  15. Other display features: Wireless
  16. Screen Size: 12 Inches
  17. Product Dimensions: 2.75\
  18. Manufacturer: PMD

PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam 12 with Detached Front Camera, Anti Glare Full Touch Spl   PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam 12 with Detached Front Camera, Anti Glare Full Touch Spl